Who is Jane?

At the time of this writing (January 25, 2011), I am in the last year of my 30's with nothing but fine, fond memories of good times and good friends to show for it.

In December, 2010, I took part in an online writing project - #reverb10 - designed to reflect on the year just past and to inspire good things for the year ahead. Because of this project, I had an epiphany and a hard reckoning in regards to my finances and spending habits. While I'm not completely tapped out, if I continue to travel down this path of reckless, aimless spending, I will be...soon.

So it begins. Accountability. Budget adherence. Control. Debt reduction.

And also of seeking out ways to live an adventurous, existential, sensualist life without financially bankrupting myself in the process (I'm already completely morally bankrupt *laugh*).

That's me. In a nutshell. But if you want to know even more, you can also find me over at Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom where I mostly talk about pie...and wine...and stuff.