Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Down, Twenty-Three More to Go

Technically, I can't really count January, 2011 because I didn't start my debt reductionist ways in earnest until mid-month. And, with birthdays (my own) and car repairs and car tags all falling within a 2-week period, it was, mostly, a draw.

January is a very, very long month, y'all. And, as you can see, typically a costly one.

As long as January was though, I have exciting news! Not only did I navigate birthdays (my own), car repairs, and car tags in the same 2-week period, I managed to make it through the entire month of January without incurring anymore debt and I managed to pay $100 extra toward existing debt. This was due, in large part, to the birthday money from the Mom and the Dad - thank you for the oil change and help with new tires! - in addition to some extra planning on my part for the car tags and extra expected birthday activities.

Also, I have some additional exciting news! February? Really, REALLY short.

This makes a happy difference to those of us who are paid either once monthly (hello, State and/or education employees) or, like me, twice monthly. This is, in fact, why January felt like the longest month on record. Because of the way holidays and pay days fell, the first pay period was 17 days between checks and the second pay period was 18 painfully long days. February though...February rocks! Not only is the first pay period a normal 16-day stretch but the second? 12 lovely days.

I'm hoping to have a little extra savings at the end of the month due to its shortness.

By the way, because I get paid on the 1st and 16th, I will report my numerical progress mid-month which is when I've cycled through all my bills. That means the number I shouted out to you a couple of weeks ago? Was, in reality, higher prior to January 15 given that I'd just finished paying all my January bills.

I'm also happy (and not-so-secretly pleased) to report that yet another friend, DM, has jumped aboard this party train and yesterday officially began her own financial plan.

I'm irrepressibly optimistic. I will make this work. It is working. With a little help from my friends.

One month down. Just twenty-three more months to go.

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